Healthy Tokenomics
for fast and steady growth

Endless Liquidity

For each trade
2% of the tokens will go into the liquidity pool.

Steady Growth

For each trade, holders will get 5% of the tokens.
PolyAkita can be staked in our farm


The Roadmap will show you our plan for the coming months. As our devs are active, this map can change daily.

May 2021:
  • Token launch
  • Website launch
  • Social media marketing
  • Community building
  • Coingecko listing
  • CMC listing
June 2021:
  • Development of farms
  • Whitebit listing
  • Hotbit listing
  • Blockfolio listing
  • Merchandising
  • Partnerships
July 2021:
  • NFTs
  • Listing on large exchanges
  • Cross-chain compatibility (Eth)


The more hodlers there are the more they would benefit from extra buyers, and so it would be beneficial to grow our marketing budget to the extend of our market cap.
When there's information to be shared on our short term marketing plans, they will be shared through the social media channels.

Here are some ideas that could occur:

  • Advertisements on quickchart charts and other coin websites
  • Shill contests for hodlers to win a box of akitas...
    Or would you rather receive more coins ? ;)
  • Creative Guerilla tactics ;)


For each transaction:

  • 2% auto added into Liquidity Pool and locked forever
  • 5% redistributed to hodlers

How to buy

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and start trading on MATIC blockchain and buy PolyAkita.

Step 1: Add a custom RPC to Metamask with settings as follows

On MetaMask, select Settings, go to Networks and press "Add Network". Then fill the form with this data:
Network Name: Matic Mainnet
Chain ID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Alternatively you can visit QuickSwap Exchange, an press "switch to matic".

Step 2: Transfer the funds from another blockchain to Polygon blockchain

Option A. Using AscendEX (formerly BitMax) - The CHEAPEST method

AscendEX is a centralized exchange that let you deposit and withdraw directly in Polygon blockchain. The fees are very low and the transactions fast.

If you make a new account, you will need 24 hours to make a withdrawal.

If you want to transfer funds from Binance, you can use many different tokens. If you want to use a stablecoin, you can transfer USDT via Tron blockchain (TRC20). Fees are very low.

To withdraw funds from AscendEX to your Metamask wallet, you can use several coins. We suggest MATIC or USDC. In the withdrawal page, you need to select the Polygon blockchain and insert your wallet address. It takes a couple of minutes to receive the funds on your wallet.

Option B. Using Ethereum blockchain

Alternatively you can buy some Matic on Binance, send to Metamask with ERC-20, and use the official bridge using ETH. Gas fees are relatively cheap (about 30$).

When you are on Polygon blockchain, you will forget the gas fee, because the transactions cost about 0.0001$. The bridge takes up to 10 minutes to transfer the funds.

Bridge url

Step 3: Buy PolyAkita and HODL your way to financial freedom.

Go to

PolyAkita Contract: 0x7ac798cbf8bfd594dd10c900a56f49f921fe18a2

Set slippage 8%+

Quickswap trade link